Unfurling future

3 11 2010

It’s been a while… As always but things are really on the go at the moment. Two things that have excited me:

1) I had a great meeting with Barry from Creative Council (a website design and hosting firm). He immediately caught the vision for the project and, if anything, added to it. It’s amazing when your trying to explain something to someone and between you, you managed to discover a rhythm. It’s like looking at an old, overgrown garden and noticing the structure of the paths, beds and plants. Soon this blog will be moving to a new address but I will keep you posted.

2) we had a weekend of taking pictures for our 3D nativity exhibition in December. What an amazing two days. Firstly, it was just good to be working with old friends; but the people we met were brilliant. The idea is that we take pictures of people in and around Hanley, convert them into 3D and show them around the city. We had a couple of lovely ladies as Angels (posed as Charlie’s Angels); a lovely, beautiful young couple ‘with child’; a group of lads lads who made perfect shepherds and 3 wise men and we discovered during the shoot that one of them had spent the night in the cells for biting someones leg (which is quite ironic because he was dressed as a vampire!)

There were many more folk we met up with but that would be a long post.

Needless to say I’ll keep you posted.


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