Christmas in 3D

7 10 2010

Today I heard that I have received funding to go ahead with my Christmas ideas. I can only tell you of one at the moment but hopefully will be able to tell you of another in the next few weeks. I am very excited!!

The People’s Nativity: I have teamed up with an old friend of mine who is a photographer to take a series of pictures that represent the story of the nativity (the birth of Jesus) but use characters from around Hanley. So, for instance, we intend to use street cleaners to represent the Shepherds, and children as Angels. The people used in the photographs will not be models, but regular folk from around Hanley. We then intend to turn the pictures into 3D images!

Once the images have been taken (probably around 8 in all) and converted into 3D, we will then print and mount them. The pictures will be large in size. It is our intention that these images will be displayed on boards in public spaces such as Whetherspoons Pub, The Potteries Centre, Night Church, Esporta Gym etc. for periods of time and that viewers will wear 3D glasses and peruse the exhibition. (although I am yet to ask anyone if they want the exhibition!)

On other news – the logo is coming along nicely thanks to some good friends who are not officially pioneers but are doing some great pioneering work; my brother-in-law has done a superb job and raised even more money for the Ekon project in Ghana (he is now known as ‘st-brother-in-law’); I have been asked to lead a seminar at the ECG regional Midland event; and I’m now well on the way with branding (hoodie, T shirt and fliers).

All is well …. busy …. but well


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